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Falco Global Partners builds corporate value “hands on” by offering operational excellence and investing in long-term partnerships

Zurich, Switzerland (4 May 2022) – Combining a wealth of in-depth operational excellence with the corporate DNA of one of the world’s largest industrial groups, Falco Global Partners formally launched its operations end of 2019.

Led by former CEO of General Electric (GE) International Nani Falco Beccalli, Falco Global Partners applies its many years of financial and operational expertise to accelerate growth and shareholder value for the long term. The Partnership offers an operations focused, pro-active business model to take organizations to the next level. Falco Global Partners mainly targets SMEs and invest in scale-up companies. The Partnership aims to build a US$ 1bn portfolio of assets under management over the next seven years.

Challenged with transforming traditional industrial business models, many SMEs today struggle to endorse and implement the ‘digital age’, failing to take the next consequential step to help secure their future.

“Taking a synergy driven approach and integrating today’s megatrends, we focus on legacy organizations in need of operational innovation or digital transformation and combine them with those young and innovative companies in our portfolio that can enable this digital transformation. The core of our activity is the creation of operational excellence on every level of the corporate spectrum,” says Falco Beccalli.

Falco Global Partners works closely together with the management of its investment companies. Through rigorous deal execution, excellence in private and capital markets transactions, including commercial and industrial due diligence, IPO’s, financial structuring, defining strategies and processes, HR, program management and integration, Falco Global Partners uses a “hands-on” approach and apply operational excellence to create dynamic and sustainable growth. Through this pro-active cooperation between Falco Global Partners and the portfolio companies, the investment risk is being managed and limited for all parties involved. The compensation of Falco Global Partners is based on a sweat equity model. This cash light approach guarantees liquidity for the portfolio companies and the long-term commitment of the partners.


The Falco Global Partners Offering
  • Experience – With over 200 years of combined operational expertise in leading global industry champions and 30+ years in private equity, Falco Global Partners has a strong track record of leading transformations of industrial companies and the ability to scale and grow new technology portfolios.
  • Focused on Sustainable Growth – With a track record of operational success, Falco Global Partners has created a model for developing consistent and sustainable value in private equity by managing risk through a combination of financial and operational expertise. Falco Global Partners’ long-term and low-leverage approach is a long-awaited alternative that the market is now ready to embrace.
  • Partnership – Falco Global Partners consists of a team of experts, each of them based in major markets globally. With every venture, equity goes beyond the balance sheet, and each investment company is considered a partnership. The team offers strategic perspectives (especially for mid-size industrial companies), with the goal of providing a pathway to growth that is scalable, achievable and sustainable.

Whilst the traditional private equity approach has proven over the years to increase the value of enterprises short and midterm, Falco Global Partners believes that the future challenges of industrial organizations will be mastered best with a proactive and hands-on operational and long-term partnership-based approach. “We invest in companies where we see operational improvement, exponential growth potential and where we feel we can provide value beyond finances. We put our focus in partnering and working hand-in-hand with companies for the long-cycle providing and implementing a roadmap to operational growth that is sustainable,” says Falco Beccalli. For these reasons Falco Global Partners is Building Value “Hands on”.

Today Falco Global Partners operates locations in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.S. and aims expanding to further regions in the world. The principal office of Falco Global Partners is based in Wollerau with an office in Zollikon (Zürich), Switzerland.



About Falco Global Partners

Falco Global Partners - Building Value “Hands On” - is an operational management and investment company based in Wollerau with offices in Zollikon (Zürich), Switzerland. Operating globally, the Partnership combines operational and financial excellence to create long-term and sustainable value with each portfolio partner. Falco Global Partners leadership experience enables the partners to manage risk by working side-by-side with legacy and emerging disruptive companies to navigate the operational, financial and transformational challenges of today.

Phone: +41 79 854 7074