Building Value “Hands On”


Who we are

Falco Global Partners combines financial and operational excellence to create long-term and sustainable value with each portfolio partner.

Based in Wollerau with offices in Zollikon (Zürich), our investment focus is on legacy organizations in need of operational improvement or (digital) transformation, and disruptive innovative companies that can enable this transformation.

As former senior executives from various industries and located around the globe, we know what it takes to deliver results within businesses and adopt an investment model which spans far beyond injections of capital. With years of operational expertise at global industry heavyweights and more than 30 years in private equity, we have a strong track record of leading transformations of large global industrial portfolios and the ability to scale and grow new technology portfolios.

Leveraging this experience, we reduce risk with hands-on involvement in the day-to-day operations and strategic conversations of our investees.

Portfolio Partners


Boxsr, a Health- and BeautyTech company based in Spain, provides a platform for a ‘men’s universe’ in health and beauty, focusing on topics including dermatology, diet, hair and urology. The diversified digital marketplace offers access to health consultants, while growing a trusted community with a positive lifestyle culture. As lead investor, FGP supports their international business expansion.

Precipoint is a pathology focused digital mi­croscopy and laboratory management systems company, based near Munich, Germany. Founded in 1982 the company is expanding into building high resolution cancer cell imagery databases to enable live surgery laser based cancer diagnostic tools.

Demium is one of Europe’s largest start up incubators, based in Valencia Spain. The company is launching ~80 new start ups p.a. and has expanded since 2008 across Western and Eastern Europe, launched multiple investment funds for seed investors and is experiencing exponential growth since 2020.

Ydistri is a SaaS AI software company, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Its algorithms enable retail chains around the globe to optimize single product outlet distribution to eliminate dead stock and ensure optimized “Never Out-of-Stock” availability at the right outlet.

Amphorica is a SaaS neural network based AI company, based in Galilaea, Israel. It focuses on enhancing supply chain and wider logistics efficiency, enabling its customers to deliver a good to the right place at the right time at optimized economic conditions.

CORMETECH, Inc., based in Charlotte, NC, USA, is a world leader in manufacturing of high-quality environmental catalysts, providing catalyst regeneration and engineering services for the power, marine, industrial-process, refinery, and petrochemical markets.

Bettermarks is a SaaS Educational Technology company, based in Berlin, Germany. It provides an adaptable tutoring platform for classes 5-12 which provides smart learning algorithms to support students and teachers in subjects like math and science. Founded in 2008 it has gained traction in a number of countries around the globe and is available in multiple languages.

Prometric is one of the world's largest assessment and testing organizations, collaborating with government institutions, universities and corporations to conduct pro proctor services on their behalf. Falco Global Partners is supporting Prometric in building a development partner network in order to develop its remote/online assessment capabilities.

What we do and why it’s different

We are operational AND financial experts.

This means we can support disruptive companies seeking strategic support and guidance as well as capital to scale growth, plus those established legacy firms adapting to changing markets and in need of operational or technological transformation in our rapidly digitizing world.

Falco Global Partners works hand-in-hand with organizations ready to take courageous steps to securing market share and sustainable growth in fast-changing industries. We are opportunistic. We look at where companies can grow and where we can add value by filling the gaps to unlock that growth.

Our engagements are treated as collaborative journeys. We are there every step of the way from strategy to helping in the day-to-day business. We invest with a long-term lens, creating exponential value through operational excellence.

Environmental, Social and Governance Guidelines

Our Approach at Falco Global Partners as investors, managers and corporate partners is to help our business associates and clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

We are fully committed to providing full transparency to our stakeholders about how we invest and manage our assets and own firm through the spirit of disclosure and shared knowledge. Aiming to show how we engage our resources and capabilities, we seek to contribute positively to environmental, social and governance (ESG) guidelines.

Our key ESG Principles:

  1. Our DNA as investors, thrives on ESG considerations that are pivotal to investment outcomes with a positive impact.
  2. At Falco Global Partners, we put people first. The ‘Human’ perspective relates to our team members, clients, communities and the world-at-large in which we operate. It is at the core of any decision we take. Honesty, Ethics, Transparency and Care are the verticals on which we build sustainable businesses, including ours.
  3. We believe any company operating across continents, needs to stay sensitive to different cultures and values. That includes full compliance with local laws and regulations.
ESG Executed: Smiling Gecko

Falco Global Partners support Smiling Gecko, an aid project that support economically and ecologically sustainable cluster projects: a holistic approach to development aid, aimed at the long-term improvement of the life of people and communities in rural Cambodia.

Smiling Gecko visit Smiling Gecko to learn more

News Releases

4 May 2022

Falco Global Partners - Building Value “Hands On”

Falco Global Partners builds corporate value “hands on” by offering operational excellence and investing in long-term partnerships
Led by former CEO of General Electric (GE) International Nani Falco Beccalli, Falco Global Partners applies its many years of financial and operational expertise to accelerate growth and shareholder value for the long term. The Partnership offers an operations focused, pro-active business model to take organizations to the next level.

Media Coverage

Meet the team


Ferdinando ‘Nani’ Falco Beccalli - President and Senior Partner
Nani Beccalli’s career has been built around four decades of experience at GE, where he established the company’s European and International divisions. He has also held several advisory board positions and has carved out a reputation for identifying opportunities and taking complex projects through to their conclusion. Nani works with investees through the entire investment lifecycle. He understands the value of time – if he can’t add value, he will be the first to let you know.
Erwin Lebon - Partner
With strong corporate tax and human resources experience, Erwin Lebon carved his reputation for analyzing and managing tough restructurings and turnarounds while at GE. Thorough, proactive and positive, his approach to business is all about what is needed to achieve the best case scenario, even if this will require some tough love in order to be achieved.
Peter Salzer - Partner
Peter Salzer is a problem solver. Known for being a fixer of difficult business situations, his multi-industry experience spans both the B2C and B2B worlds. Peter’s career has been defined by resilience and trust – if your business is experiencing any challenges, he is somebody you can trust to turn things around.
Patricia Falco Beccalli - Partner
Patricia Falco Beccalli is an angel investor who spent 14 years as a financial journalist and anchor of CNBC. Her analytical lens often means she brings a different perspective to a group discussion which can shed light on new opportunities or provide a novel solution to a challenge.
Adriano Dozio - Partner
A finance expert with experience operating across a number of industries, Adriano Dozio has been witness to a lot of investments down the years. He has seen successes and failures, insight which is invaluable to Falco Group Partners. Adriano is all about details and persistence, operating with a demand for high standards and always willing to provide support when needed.
Mike Allan - Partner
Mike Allan brings with him years of experience working with Black and Decker in the US, building up a strong ability to transform strategy into execution. A good listener, Mike is the calming influence even in the most challenging of situations and represents the perfect partner for a business leader.
Dr. Hannes Meckel - Partner
A solution-orientated team player, Dr. Hannes Meckel carries commanding legal knowledge with a strong sense for business gained over many years of experience working in compliance, governance, and mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Hannes is a proactive business partner and good listener, helping to provide a more complete picture of business opportunities through a risk management lens.

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